Bart’s Stuff Test 5 Hard drive Speed Test

Bart's Stuff Test 5 (Bst5) is a free portable hard drive stress test tool. You can use a hard drive stress test tool whenever you become worried that a hard drive is not working properly. The tool allows you to select drives or individual folders. You can also test network drives, but this also means that you will "stress-test" your network.

  1. To run a quick test click Options and select Quick Test (write+read)

SSD Drives will give about 300 MB/s

SATA Drives will give about 150 MB/s depending on spindal speed

The spindle speed of the WD Red is listed as "IntelliPower" and is widely assumed to spin between 5400 and 5900 RPM max read write speed 150 MB/s

Some shared network folders may be as slow as 15 MB/s