Default XenDesktop Session Printer Not Retained in Future Sessions

Symptoms or Error

When a user selects a session printer to be the default printer, it does not show up as the default printer in subsequent sessions. However, if a printer is mapped within a session and set as default, it appears as default printer in subsequent sessions.

XenApp Session Printer Policies connect network printers for users during logons or session reconnects and deletes them during log off.

There is a Registry Flag that allows you to change the default behavior of XenApp. Setting this flag, disables all Session Printer deletions. This is useful in some troubleshooting scenarios. Turning down the disconnection of Session Printers, can actually improve server scalability at the expense of allowing printer connections made by the Session Printers policy rule to accumulate in user profiles.


This registry setting is set even if you remove the registry setting or disable it at a later date you will have to manually delete the printers from each user's profile. As removing the registry setting stops future Session Printers from being deleted at logoff. It does not cleanup the previous printers retained by using this setting.

This is by design. Policy assigned Session Printers (Network Printers) are always deleted at logoff. So there is no data to set as default, when users log on. To resolve this, configure the registry to not delete Session Printers at logoff, which allows you to retain the default printer.

Caution! Refer to the Disclaimer at the end of this article before using Registry Editor.
Complete the following steps on the server to manage the network printers within the user profile:

  1. Create the subkey PrintingSettings under HKLM\Software\Citrix\ICA as HKLM\Software\Citrix\ICA\PrintingSettings
  2. In this new subkey, create a new DWORD 32 Bit value and name it DisableNetworkPrinterDisconnect.
  3. Double-click and set the value to 1.
    Note: If Active Directory or local policies prevent synchronizing printer keys in UPM then include the printer keys explicitly in UPM registry inclusion list.

Problem Cause

If the policy to Disable Default Printers is being enforced, this action is by design.