How to hide updates for Windows 10 or Server 2016


Windows 10, Windows Server 2016


This article explains how to use the use "Windows & drivers updates blocking tool" to hide updates for Windows 10 or Windows server 2016.

Windows 10 Home users cannot block Windows updates. They are automatically downloaded and installed. In theory, this is OK. However, some updates can be faulty, and cause system stability issues or crashes. Fortunately, Microsoft has released a tool that anyone can use to block some updates from being installed. It is named "Show or Hide Updates" and you can use it to block or unblock Windows 10 updates for drivers, and Microsoft software.


Download the wushowhide.diagcab directly from Microsoft's Link:

Or download from the link below:

Run the .Cab file from the local computer and click next

The cab will begin searching for updates.  Make sure the Windows Update service is not disabled.

Updates2019-10-17 17_31_32-Show or hide updates

Click on Hide Updates.

Updates2019-10-17 17_31_54-Show or hide updates

Select the Update to Hide and click Next

Updates2019-10-17 17_32_26-Show or hide updates

The .Cab will begin Resolving Problems.

Updates2019-10-17 17_32_48-Show or hide updates

You will get a message that the udpate has been fixed if succesfull.

Updates2019-10-17 17_33_08-Show or hide updates
Updates2019-10-17 17_31_16-Show or hide updates