Metal Storm

Metal Storm (USA)
Metal Storm (USA)

Metal Storm, developed by Tamtex and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), is a hidden gem that often goes unnoticed among the vast library of classic NES titles. Offering a unique twist on the traditional side-scrolling shooter genre, Metal Storm introduces gravity-reversing mechanics that deliver an electrifying and challenging gaming experience. Prepare to be enthralled as you embark on a galactic adventure filled with intense action and innovative gameplay.

Year: 1991
Manufacturer: Tamtex
Genre: Platform
Rating: HSRS - GA (General Audience)

Metal Storm sets itself apart from other side-scrolling shooters with its intriguing gravity manipulation mechanics. You play as M-308 Gunner, a nimble and powerful mech equipped with the Gravity System, which allows you to switch between two gravitational polarities at will. This revolutionary gameplay element adds a whole new layer of depth, making each level a gravity-defying puzzle that requires quick thinking and precise platforming skills.

As you navigate through six expansive stages, you'll encounter a variety of enemies, deadly traps, and colossal bosses. The gravity-reversing ability not only aids you in evading threats but also allows you to traverse the environment in unique ways, such as running upside-down on ceilings and walls. This mechanic keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, as you constantly adapt to the changing orientation of your surroundings.

The controls in Metal Storm are tight and responsive, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience. You'll find yourself effortlessly transitioning between gravity modes, firing rapid shots, and using power-ups to unleash devastating special attacks. The difficulty curve is well-balanced, gradually ramping up the challenge without becoming frustrating, and the game offers multiple difficulty settings to cater to different player skill levels.

Visuals and Sound:
Despite being released in 1991, Metal Storm boasts impressive visuals for the NES era. The environments are detailed, featuring vibrant colors and a futuristic aesthetic that brings the sci-fi setting to life. The character and enemy designs are well-crafted, and the bosses are particularly memorable, showcasing the hardware's graphical capabilities.

The soundtrack of Metal Storm complements the action-packed gameplay perfectly. From adrenaline-pumping tunes during intense moments to atmospheric melodies during exploration sequences, the music enhances the overall experience and immerses you further into the game's universe. Sound effects are also well-executed, adding weight and impact to your every action.

Metal Storm offers decent replayability for retro gaming enthusiasts. The game's challenging nature and intricate level design encourage players to improve their skills and aim for high scores. Additionally, the multiple difficulty settings provide options for both newcomers and experienced players, ensuring a suitable challenge for everyone. While the game can be completed in a few hours, the addictive gameplay and desire to achieve mastery will keep you coming back for more.

Metal Storm (USA)

Metal Storm for the NES is a true hidden gem that deserves recognition among the classic titles of the console. Its gravity-reversing mechanics breathe new life into the side-scrolling shooter genre, offering a unique and captivating experience. With tight controls, challenging gameplay, impressive visuals, and an immersive soundtrack, Metal Storm is a must-play for fans of retro gaming. Strap into your mech and prepare for an electrifying journey through space.

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